Bhutani Haridwar Overview:

Located in the serene city of Haridwar, Bhutani Haridwar offers a harmonious blend of modern living and natural beauty. This residential project by Bhutani Group is designed to provide residents with a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle.

Spread over acres of lush green land, Bhutani Haridwar boasts meticulously crafted apartments that combine aesthetic charm with functional design. Each apartment is thoughtfully designed to maximize space utilization while ensuring ample sunlight and ventilation.

The project offers a range of amenities that cater to the needs and preferences of every resident. From a state-of-the-art clubhouse where you can unwind after a long day, to a refreshing swimming pool for some leisurely laps, Bhutani Haridwar has it all.

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The rooftop garden provides residents with an oasis-like escape amidst panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The lounge room is perfect for socializing or simply relaxing with friends and family. And if you're looking to host events or gatherings, the multipurpose hall has got you covered.

For your convenience, there's also a convenience store within the premises where you can find daily essentials without having to step out. And if wellness is your priority, take advantage of the reflexology track for rejuvenation.

Bhutani Haridwar promises an elevated living experience that seamlessly blends nature's tranquility with contemporary comforts. It truly sets itself apart as one of the most sought-after residential projects in Haridwar.


Bhutani Haridwar Highlights

Bhutani Haridwar offers a plethora of highlights that make it stand out from other residential projects. One of the key highlights is its prime location in the scenic city of Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility, residents can enjoy a peaceful and serene living experience.

The project also boasts of world-class amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. The clubhouse is a hub for socializing and relaxation, offering various facilities like a swimming pool, rooftop garden, lounge room, and pool deck. It provides the perfect setting for spending leisure time with family and friends.

For those who love hosting events or conducting gatherings, Bhutani Haridwar offers a multipurpose hall that can be utilized for various occasions. Additionally, there is a convenience store within the premises to cater to daily needs without having to step out.

To promote holistic wellness, Bhutani Haridwar features a reflexology track where residents can rejuvenate their senses through therapeutic walks amidst greenery. With these remarkable highlights, Bhutani Haridwar ensures an elevated living experience that combines comfort with nature's tranquility in every aspect.

Bhutani Haridwar Amenities:

Bhutani Haridwar offers a range of amenities that cater to the needs and preferences of its residents. The clubhouse is a hub of activity, providing a space for social gatherings, events, and recreational activities. It is equipped with modern facilities and comfortable seating areas.

If you're in need of some relaxation, you can take a dip in the swimming pool or unwind at the rooftop garden. Enjoy panoramic views while lounging on comfortable chairs or taking a leisurely stroll amidst lush greenery.

The lounge room provides a cozy setting for residents to relax and catch up with friends or enjoy their favorite book. The pool deck offers an ideal spot for sunbathing or simply soaking in the serene surroundings.

For those who love hosting parties or events, the multipurpose hall is perfect. It can be customized to suit your needs and can accommodate large gatherings comfortably. Convenience store within the premises ensures that you have easy access to daily essentials without having to venture far from home. And if you're looking for some rejuvenation, there's even a reflexology track where you can indulge in foot massages and holistic therapies.

With such thoughtfully designed amenities, Bhutani Haridwar truly enhances your living experience by providing convenience, comfort, and opportunities for recreation right at your doorstep.

Swimming Pool


Clubhouse is one of the key amenities offered by Bhutani Haridwar, adding a touch of luxury and convenience to residents' lives.


Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Bhutani Haridwar is an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this pristine pool offers residents a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden at Bhutani Haridwar is a serene oasis nestled above the bustling city. It offers residents a chance to escape the chaos and indulge in nature's beauty.

Kids’ Play Area

Lounge Room

The Lounge Room at Bhutani Haridwar is a perfect space to unwind and relax after a long day. This well-designed room offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal place for residents to socialize or simply enjoy some quiet time alone.

Skating Rink

Pool Deck

The Pool Deck at Bhutani Haridwar is a perfect oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. With its elegant design and breathtaking views, it offers residents a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall at Bhutani Haridwar is a versatile space that offers endless possibilities. Whether you're hosting a social gathering, organizing a community event, or simply looking for a place to unwind and relax, the multipurpose hall has got you covered.

Convenience Store

Convenience store

Convenience store at Bhutani Haridwar is a delightful addition to the already impressive list of amenities offered within this residential project.

Skating Rink

Reflexology Track

The Bhutani Haridwar residential apartments offer a unique amenity that sets it apart from the rest: a Reflexology Track.


After exploring all the amazing features and amenities of Bhutani Haridwar, it is clear that this residential project is truly a masterpiece. With its thoughtful design, luxurious facilities, and prime location in Haridwar, it offers an unparalleled living experience.

Prestige Bhuleshwar: Master Plan and Floor Plan

Bhutani Haridwar offers a well-designed master plan and thoughtfully crafted floor plans to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. The master plan is strategically designed to optimize space utilization and create a harmonious living environment.

The project features a mix of residential towers with varying heights, offering panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty. The layout ensures ample open spaces, green landscapes, and wide roads for easy movement within the complex.

When it comes to floor plans, Bhutani Haridwar offers an array of options to suit different preferences. From compact yet functional 1 BHK apartments to spacious 3 BHK units, there is something for everyone. Each apartment has been meticulously designed with modern aesthetics and practicality in mind.

The floor plans are intelligently laid out, maximizing natural light and ventilation in every room. They also incorporate efficient space planning that allows for seamless flow between different areas of the home.

Whether you are a young professional looking for your first home or a growing family in need of more space, Bhutani Haridwar has a floor plan that will meet your requirements perfectly. With its well-planned master plan and thoughtfully crafted floor plans, Bhutani Haridwar promises not just comfortable living spaces but also an elevated lifestyle experience amidst nature's tranquility.

Master plan:

Master Plan

Floor Plan:

floor plan1

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floor plan1

Coming Soon.

Bhutani Haridwar Price

Bhutani Haridwar is a residential project in the heart of Haridwar that offers luxurious and contemporary apartments. The price of these apartments is designed to be affordable, making it an attractive option for homebuyers looking for quality living at a reasonable cost.

The pricing structure of Bhutani Haridwar is competitive, ensuring that potential buyers get excellent value for their investment. The project offers various apartment configurations to suit different budgets and requirements. Whether you are looking for a cozy one-bedroom apartment or a spacious three-bedroom unit, there are options available to cater to your needs.

With its strategic location and top-notch amenities, Bhutani Haridwar provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners and investors alike. The pricing ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of modern living without breaking the bank.

So if you have been searching for your dream home in Haridwar, look no further than Bhutani Haridwar. With its affordable prices and exceptional features, this residential project promises to exceed your expectations while providing great value for money.

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
On Request Update Soon ₹ On Request
On Request Update Soon ₹ On Request
On Request Update Soon ₹ On Request
On Request Update Soon ₹ On Request

Bhutani Haridwar Location Advantage

Bhutani Haridwar enjoys a strategic location advantage that sets it apart from other residential projects in the area. Situated in the holy city of Haridwar, this project offers residents the opportunity to live amidst tranquility and spirituality.

The project is conveniently located near major transportation hubs, making commuting a breeze for residents. The nearby railway station and bus terminal provide easy access to various parts of the city and beyond. Additionally, the project is well-connected to major road networks, ensuring smooth connectivity to neighboring cities.

One of the key advantages of Bhutani Haridwar's location is its proximity to essential facilities and amenities. Residents will have easy access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational areas, ensuring a convenient lifestyle.

Nature lovers will appreciate Bhutani Haridwar's close proximity to natural attractions such as the Ganges riverfront and beautiful parks. These serene surroundings offer residents a peaceful environment where they can relax and rejuvenate after a long day.

Furthermore, being located in Haridwar gives residents an opportunity to immerse themselves in religious activities and festivals celebrated with great fervor throughout the year. This adds cultural richness and spiritual significance to life at Bhutani Haridwar.

Bhutani Haridwar's prime location provides residents with convenience, tranquility, and a deep connection with nature and spirituality — making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle amidst serenity .

Bhutani Group





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Million Square Feet Area

The Bhutani Group is a renowned real estate developer that has been making waves in the industry with its exceptional projects. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Bhutani Group has carved a niche for itself in the market.

Led by visionary leaders, the group is known for its commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of their projects. From design to construction, every detail is meticulously planned and executed to ensure customer satisfaction.

One thing that sets Bhutani Group apart from others is their ability to adapt to changing market trends. They understand the evolving needs of homebuyers and constantly strive to provide them with homes that are not just luxurious but also sustainable.

With several successful residential and commercial projects under their belt, Bhutani Group continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the industry. Their attention to detail, commitment towards customer satisfaction, and passion for creating iconic structures make them a trusted name in the real estate sector.

Whether you are looking for a residential apartment or a commercial space, Bhutani Group has something for everyone. They believe in building communities where people can live, work, and thrive together. In conclusion, Bhutanis Haridwar offers an ideal blend of modern amenities amidst serene surroundings. Bhutanis appartments at Haridwar are designed keeping in mind your comfort & convenience. The project offers spacious 1BHK ,2 BHK,& 3 BHK flats equipped with all basic facilities & amenities.

Its strategic location near major schools,hospitals,banks,and shopping complexes ensures easy accessibility.Investingin this project would be beneficial as it promises good returns due t oits prime location,great connectivity,& state-of-the-art infrastructure.Choose Bhutanis Haridwar apartments& experience luxury living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, Bhutani Haridwar is a residential project offering luxurious apartments in the heart of Haridwar.
Ans. Bhutani Haridwar offers a range of amenities including a clubhouse, swimming pool, rooftop garden, lounge room, multipurpose hall, convenience store and more.
Ans.The price range for apartments at Bhutani Haridwar may vary depending on the size and configuration of the unit. For detailed information about pricing, it is recommended to contact the developer directly.
Ans. Bhutani Haridwar is strategically located in an upcoming area of Haridwar with easy access to major roads and transportation hubs.

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